The First Impressions Survey

The First Impressions survey is anonymous.

The goal of this survey is to establish impression-compression of stereotypes in cultures to better understand the evolution of interactive traits over time. 

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* 1. Please tell us the name of a foreign culture you work with the most at your job. (Do not pick your own culture)

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* 2. Please tell us your earliest impressions or memories you have of that culture. It could be things you heard about it from others but it should include how you felt about that culture when you first became aware of it. 

If you did not hear or know about this culture as a child, please leave the comment blank.

(You may use single words or adjectives and do not need full sentences.)

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* 3. Do you consider your initial impression to be...

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* 4. What early impression has changed the most from then till now?

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* 5. What early impression has changed the least from then till now?