Please let us know about your current extracurriculars. If you do not participate in any activities outside of school, please mark "None" for question 1 and leave the rest of the survey blank.

* 1. Which type of extracurricular activities are you involved in?

* 2. If you participate in SPORTS extracurriculars, what sport(s) do you play or practice? In what league, group, or club do you participate?

* 3. If you participate in THEATRE or the PERFORMING ARTS, what type of activities do you do? In what community center, performance group, or theatre do you perform?

* 4. If you participate in MUSIC extracurriculars, do you play an instrument, sing, record, or perform in group ensembles? In what groups, studios, choirs, or orchestras do you perform?

* 5. If you participate in VISUAL ARTS extracurriculars, what medium(s) do you use? In what studio, art class, or association do you participate?

* 6. If you participate in PROFESSIONAL (paid) extracurriculars, where do you work? Is this a future career for you?

* 7. If you participate in VOLUNTEERING (unpaid), where do you work? Is your volunteering motivated by a career choice, community choice, or other?

* 8. If you answered OTHER to question 1, tell us more about your unique extracurricular activity here.