Food Cluster Membership Application Introduction

The Toronto Enterprise Fund (TEF) operates a Food Cluster, a series of supports to employment social enterprises (ESEs) in Peel, Toronto and York region that operate in the food industry. The Food Cluster provides enterprises with the opportunity to share best practices, collaborate to improve enterprise efficiency and effectiveness, and connect with peers and industry leaders. 
Thank you for your interest in participating in the Food Cluster. Cluster participation will provide you with access to Cluster Project Grants, the Food Cluster Facebook Group, Cluster Meet-Ups, and Cluster Mentors. 

This Food Cluster Application will ask for information about your organization, your business activity, and your social impact activity. This information will be shared with other members of the cluster, and some of the information will be used on the TEF website. Where information will be used on the TEF website, the survey will indicate as such. We anticipate that it will take you approx. 30 minutes to complete this form. 

To complete this form, you will need: 
  • Organizational information, including: enterprise name, address, contact information, website address, social media handles, your logo, an image of your business. 
  • Business information, including: 2017/18 revenue (including sales and donation revenue), products / services sold
  • Social impact information, including: target populations served, 2017/18 employment numbers (e.g. # of target population employees, type of employment), employment outcomes (if available) 

You will need to complete this form in one sitting, as there is no option to save your answers and resume the survey later.
We look forward to working with you as a member of the Food Cluster!