Athlete (n): a person who participates in outdoor activities, including but not prohibited to gardening, dog walking, running, and biking.

When it comes to our poor air quality, athletes are especially sensitive. That’s why GASP wants to hear from you.

* 1. Name:

* 2. Email:

* 3. Have you been personally impacted by air pollution? If so, how?

* 4. Which best describes where you are physically active?

* 5. Compared to the rest of the United States, Southwestern Pennsylvania’s air quality is…

* 6. I have a good understanding of how air quality impacts health.

* 7. I check the air quality in my area before exercising outdoors.

* 8. I adjust my physical activity based on the air quality.

* 9. Which Athletes United activities are you most likely to participate in?

* 10. Athletes United for Healthy Air is looking for champions.  In what ways are you interested in getting more involved?