Client Survey

Yadu Health Client Survey

Yadu Health Aboriginal Corporation is seeking client feedback about their services with the aim of improving the quality of healthcare in our clinic.
1.How would you describe your gender?
2.How would you identify yourself?  (Choose only what applies to you)
3.What is your age?
4.Do you know about all the healthcare services we offer?
5.How long did you wait past appointment time to meet the doctor?
6.How satisfied were you with the time you had to wait to get an appointment and the length of time you waited in the waiting room?(Required.)
7.In your last visit to Yadu Health Clinic, which of the following statements best applies to you (Select all that apply)
8.Were you informed on how to take the medicines and about side effects of the medicines prescribed to you?
9.Considering your experience with our medical services, how likely would you recommend us to a family member or friend?
10.Do you have any additional feedback to share with our team?
Current Progress,
0 of 10 answered