* 1. How professional is the Electron Microscopy Core?

* 2. How convenient is Electron Microscopy Core to use?

* 3. Compared to other electron microscopy service providers, is our service quality better, worse, or about the same?

* 4. Compared to electron microscopy service providers, are our prices more reasonable, less reasonable, or about the same?

* 5. How responsive is the Electron Microscopy Core staff?

* 6. How well do the EMC staff representatives at EMC answer your questions?

* 7. Overall, are you satisfied with the staff at Electron Microscopy Core, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied with it?

* 8. Do you like Electron Microscopy Core, neither like nor dislike it, or dislike it?

* 9. Are there new electron microscopy related technologies you would like to see implemented? If so, please provide a description.

* 10. Are there any additional comments you would like to add about your service at the EMC? Please provide contact information if you'd like follow-up.

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