* 1. What's your name?

* 2. 1. What type of laptop or desktop computer do you have access to at your home? (i.e. Windows-enabled computer or a Mac? Or if you don't have a laptop, say none).

2. What operating system does your computer use? (Ex: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98, Mac OS X, etc.)

* 3. If you have a Mac, does it have iMovie installed?

* 4. If you have a Windows-enabled computer, does it have Windows Movie Maker installed?

* 5. If you have Windows Movie Maker or iMovie installed, what version of the software do you have?(Hint: to find out, click on "Help" and then "About Windows Movie Maker" or "About iMovie."

* 6. Do you have a USB stick, a portable hard drive, or some other portable way to store digital files?

* 7. Do you have access to headphones that you can bring to class?

* 8. Do you have access to a digital camera & a way to upload photos taken on the camera?

* 9. Have you ever used any of the following programs? (Select all that apply). If YES, please answer question 10.

* 10. If you have used any of the programs listed in question 8 (Audacity, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie), please describe what project you used each program for, and give your level of proficiency with the programs you've used (be honest!): 1. Beginner-- I've used it once our twice; 2. Basic-- I've used it several times, enough to have the basic functions memorized; 3. Intermediate-- I've used it enough to know some spiffy tricks & tips; 4. Advanced-- I could lead a workshop on using this program.