Thank you for your interest in submitting a workforce development opportunity for inclusion in the Safe States Alliance Training Center's online, searchable database.

The questions in this online form below will allow you to enter the brief information needed for inclusion in the database. The information you provide in this form, unless otherwise noted, is the information as it will appear on the website.

Keep in mind that a "workforce development opportunity" is a broad term that 

  • trainings, presentations, skill-building, and other learning opportunities
  • in-person and online/computer-based formats
  • specific injury/violence prevention topics (e.g., child passenger safety, traumatic brain injury, suicide) and/or skill-related areas (e.g., evaluation, surveillance, health communication)
  • opportunities offered by many diverse organizations and agencies at national, state, tribal, and local levels

If you have any questions, please email Christa Thelen or call (770) 690-9000.