Mountain Xplorers Registration

Thank you for your purchase of our Mountain Xplorer Program. The final step in registering is to complete this form which includes a Liability Release, weekend contact information, and ski ability for grouping purposes. If you need assistance with this form please contact us at, or call 208-255-3070.

You can use this form to cover multiple siblings, but each of them needs to have purchased the MtnX program.

We will send an email with additional program information prior to the first session. Additional info is also available at

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* 1. Students Name

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* 2. Ability Level

  GREEN... can consistently turn and stop without any assistance or props (edgy wedgy, harness, etc.) BLUE... Comfortable on all green runs. Focus: Moving beyond the wedge turn and skiing easy blue runs. BLUE+... Comfortable on all green runs and easy blue runs. Focus: Working toward parallel turns and skiing all blue runs. BLACK...Comfortable on all blue runs and groomed black runs. Focus: Parallel turns everywhere, variable conditions, steeper terrain.
1st Child
2nd Child
3rd Child

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* 3. Weekend Contact Info for Emergencies or Program Changes

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I expressly assume the risk of and legal responsibility for any injury to person or property that results from participation in the sport of skiing or snowboarding including any injury caused by the following, all whether above or below snow surface: variations in terrain; any movement of snow including, but not limited to, slides, sloughs or avalanches; any depths of snow, including tree wells, or any accumulations of snow, whether natural or man-made, including snowmaking mounds; freestyle terrain; surface or subsurface snow or ice conditions; bare spots, rocks, trees, other forms of forest growth or debris, lift towers and components thereof; utility poles, and snowmaking and snowgrooming equipment which is plainly visible or plainly marked. I agree to RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS, AND INDEMNIFY SCHWEITZER MOUNTAIN SKI OPERATIONS LLC, (“SCHWEITZER”), ITS OWNERS, AFFILIATES, AGENTS AND EMPLOYEES from all claims for any cause, including negligence, which arises out of participation in skiing, snowboarding and all related activities; including, but not limited to, Schweitzer Snowsports School programs and travel to and from Schweitzer Mountain, or travel to and from Schweitzer Snowsports School.

If I am signing on behalf of a minor, I accept full responsibility for all medical expenses incurred as a result of the minor’s participation in skiing, snowboarding and all related activities, including Schweitzer Snowsports School programs and/or travel to and from Schweitzer Mountain. I understand my child may ride the lift alone, with another child or with an adult other than his coach. I also agree to HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY Schweitzer Snowsports School and Schweitzer for any claims brought by or on behalf of the minor.

In case of an emergency if I cannot be reached, Schweitzer has my permission to obtain any medical and/or First Aid treatment necessary for my child, and I agree to be financially responsible for any medical services deemed necessary.

This release is intended to be a comprehensive Release of Liability the fullest extent allowed by law.

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I hereby grant Schweitzer Mountain Resort, their representatives or assigns (including any agency, client, partner or publication) irrevocable permission to publish photographs of me.
These images may be published in any manner, including websites, newsletters, advertising, periodicals and publications of any sort. Furthermore, I will hold harmless Schweitzer Mountain Resort, their representatives and assigns from any liability, by virtue of blurring, distortion or alteration that may occur in producing the finished product, unless it can be proven that such blurring, distortion or alteration was done with malicious intent to me.