Anonymous Personal Achievement Program Post-participation Survey

* 1. My values influence my decisions and actions.

* 2. Setting concrete goals is necessary for success.

* 3. Can you name 4 thinking powers.

* 4. Can you name 3 elements of effective communication?

* 5. All substances can be addictive (marijuana, alcohol, prescription medication).

* 6. I know who to contact to get pictures and videos off social media.

* 7. Can you list some consequences of having a youth record.

* 8. Please answer the following about the facilitators.

  Strongly disagree Disagree Undecided Agree Strongly Agree
The facilitators were nonjudgmental and open to my opinions and ideas.
The facilitators helped me understand the information given.
The facilitators helped me link the information and materials to my personal experiences.

* 9. What did you find most valuable in the Personal Achievement Program?

* 10. How has your thinking, feeling, or behaviour changed as a result of attending the Personal Achievement Program?

* 11. What did you like best about the Personal Achievement Program?

* 12. If you could change or improve anything about the Personal Achievement Program what would that be?

* 13. Would you recommend the Personal Achievement Program to another youth?

* 14. Other comments or suggestions.