2 minutes of your time for the smartwatch of your dreams in 10 questions

Phideas is delighted to launch a unique survey on smartwatches. The survey aims at determining which are the key features to have for the perfect smartwatch. We would greatly appreciate you taking 2 minutes of your time to answer this short 10 question survey. Thank You.

* Do you currently own smartwatch/fitness tracker/etc.?

* Which function/app would you use the most?

* If you have a smartwatch, overall, how would you rate it?
(please skip this question if you don't have a smartwatch)

* If you don't have a smartwatch, what could be the top 3 reasons?

* In a smartwatch, how important are to you the features below?

  Extremely important Very important Moderately important Slightly important Not important t all
Activity tracking
Sleep Monitoring

* What do you think of the importance for a smartwatch to work independently without a smartphone?

* What would be the most important to you in a smartwatch?

  Critical Very important Important Eventually important Not important
Top quality material
Fashionable design
Really cool functions

* How strongly would you recommend a smartwatch to a person with a medical condition to monitor his/her health?

* How much would you be willing to spend on a smartwatch that matches all your answers above?

* Would you have specific suggestions to build the smartwatch of your dreams?