SURVEY RESPONSES DUE by September 8, 2014. Thank you for nominating an outstanding teaching artist to be recognized for their work.

* 1. What is the first and last name of the Teaching Artist being nominated?

* 2. What is your first and last name?

* 3. What is the name and address of your organization?

* 4. What is your position within your organization and how do you work with the nominee?

* 5. Please provide a contact email address and telephone number.

* 6. For Organizations: How long has the nominee worked with your organization?

* 7. For Partners and Collaborators: Please state how long you worked with the nominee and in what capacity.

* 8. Why should the nominee receive the Teaching Artist Recognition Award? Describe how this Teaching Artist is unique.

* 9. To what extent does the teaching artist demonstrate mastery of working in community-based environments.

* 10. Describe how the teaching artist provides more than just an entertaining experience for participants.

* 11. Please provide any additional feedback such as comments, stories, favorite moments or quotes from those involved (i.e students, participants, staff) that express the benefit of working with this teaching artist.