* 1. Will you be attending the BEWBC wine event THURSDAY, March 30th, 7:00PM – 9:00PM at Michael Florentino Cellars in Woodinville?

* 2. If you are attending this event, how many people are attending with you, INCLUDING yourself? (e.g. if just you = 1, you + guest = 2)

* 3. Please provide your name and email address so we can can contact you if there are last minute changes (and to send out a reminder) ... and to link your wine entry to you if you are entering. 

* 4. Will you be bringing a wine to enter?  If so, what is it - homemade wine?  a commercial wine of a club alumni or vineyard?  other commercial wine?  And what is the wine (e.g. Cab, Syrah, Chianti)? Please let us know so we can put it in the tournament lineup.