My Offering

In order to help our congregation plan for the
work that needs to be done and in thanks for all that
God has provided, I will bring an offering to the
LORD of:
(Please note, this survey is anonymous.)

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* 1. Offering Pledge

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* 2. Is this an individual or family pledge?

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* 3. If a family pledge, how many people are included?

Our Lord is faithful in all of His provision for our needs, and I trust in Him to enable me to carry out this pledge of support for His work here at our church.
In order to save a copy of this pledge for yourself, before submitting, take a screenshot (Ctrl + PrtScr) and paste into a Word document.  Or you may fill out your copy of the paper pledge card if you picked one up at   church.  This will serve as a reminder of your pledge for the coming year. If you complete your pledge online,
there's no need to turn in a paper copy. This survey will remain anonymous.