KWRK-LP Listener Survey 2024

1.How often do you listen to KWRK-LP?
2.How do you listen to KWRK-LP?
3.Where do you listen to KWRK-LP on the radio?
4.Is the broadcast quality good there? (If no or not always, please be specific - location and details of variability, topography, air quality, etc.. Thank you.
5.KWRK-LP is analysis heavy - does the station meet your needs for news?
6.Two hours of children's programming on weekend mornings is
7.Are there changes to our programming that you would like to see? (Specific topics, syndicated or local programming requests, etc.)
8.How do you feel about KWRK-LP?
9.We need volunteers! Are you interested in volunteering to keep KWRK-LP on the air?

IF YES please answer to describe and provide contact info and availability such as time(s) of day & week, etc., as needed in the final comment box below.
10.Anything else you'd like us to know?

Contact info will always be kept confidential. You are also always welcome to contact us at or 907 374 0577.

THANK YOU for answering these questions!!