Please take a moment to help us improve your experience this year at the HOUSTON LONESTARS.

* 1. Name, Nationality

* 2. How often can you attend HOUSTON LONESTARS training this season?

* 3. What is you preferred training location (e.g. Bendwood, 610 Loop etc)?  If the club was able to access different facilities, would you attend more training sessions (yes midweek, yes weekend, or location makes no difference)?

* 4. Did you set yourself any personal goals last year? If so what were they and did you achieve them? If not, why?

* 5. What are your football goals for 2016 (e.g. improve kicking distance, improve running and kicking, improve tackling)? Keep in mind these goals will help you achieve your desired playing position.

* 6. Can you list some TEAM goals that should be focused on this year for training and games? (e.g. More people to training, better group fitness activities, set game plans)

* 7. In regards to fitness, what are your goals for the year? Do you do extra fitness work outside of team football trainings?

* 8. What are your greatest strengths on the football field? What aspects of your game would you most like to improve in 2016?

* 9. What position did you play last year? What position would you like to play in 2016?

* 10. Any additional comments?