1. Introduction

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This questionnaire is part of a research study being conducted by the University of Technology Sydney for the Australian Sports Commission on sport and active recreation of people with disabilities.

Your participation in this study is highly valued whether you are a regular participant or a non-participant in sport and active recreation. We are as interested in the reasons for non participation and the constraints to participation that people with disabilities face.

The questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. For people using screen magnification software the questionnaire may take 40-45 minutes.

Once the questionnaire has been started, it can not be saved and restarted. It needs to be completed in one session. This has been done to protect your privacy.

If you require an alternative format (large print, E-text or Braille) or would like to complete this questionnaire by phone, please contact the project manager: Ryan Sherry on (02) 9514 5101 or by email ryan.sherry@uts.edu.au. The questionnaire will also be available in Easy English and a protocol/guidelines for assisting people with higher support needs to complete the questionnaire. This format will be available from 15 December on request.

For further information about the research project or any other inquiries please contact the project coordinators:

Dr Simon Darcy (02) 9514-5100 simon.darcy@uts.edu.au
Dr Aron Murphy (02) 9514-5294 aron.murphy@uts.edu.au &
Dr Tracy Taylor (02) 9514-3664 tracy.taylor@uts.edu.au

All responses are anonymous and confidential. The project has been approved by the UTS Human Research Ethics Committee (Ref No. 2009-242P) and any ethical issues arising from the research can be discussed with the UTS Research Ethics Manager Ms Susanna Gorman on Ph: 02 9514-1279.