It is inferred that Clubs/Teams who DO NOT wish to be Members of Rugby Virginia (RV) State-Based Rugby Organization (SRO) will NOT complete this survey.

Those Clubs/Teams who DO wish to be Members will be required to provide the following information, and should have this info readily available before initiating this survey. The respondant will be required to answer questions/provide information related to the following:
- desired Club/Team Membership Class/Category (hyperlinks are provided to RV By-Laws for reference)
- Name of Club Delegate (Full Member Clubs ONLY)
- Club/Team Name
*Intended Level of Play/Gender fielded team(s)
- Club/Team address
- Club/Team Point(s) of Contact/Officers (Identify AT LEAST one, up to eight)
> Name
> Title/Role
> e-Mail
> Phone #

If the respondant CANNOT provide any/all of the information above, do not continue/complete this survey until the requested information can be discerned.

A downloadable copy of this survey (for reference) may be accessed from the Rugby Virginia website (click here to access)
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