We would like your input and suggestions for each sport.

All responses are anonymous unless you choose to give your name.

1. Player Name (optional)______________________Grade Level______Sport____________Coach__________

2. Did you like the practice facility and its location?

3. Were the practice times, amount, and dates manageable?

4. Did we schedule too many games/tournaments, not enough, sufficient?

5. Was the distance to the away games manageable?

6. Did your coaches exhibit Godly character and try to instill that in the team?

7. Was the coach/ coaches knowledgeable about their sport and were they able to communicate effectively?

8. What suggestions do you have for the overall program next year?

9. Would you be willing to invest some time in the program either in helping, coaching, organizing, or coordinating? (If so please leave your name)

10. Any other thoughts/ comments/ concerns/ suggestions/ kudos?