Submit this form, current resume, letter of recommendation, and writing sample to the Speaker Pro Tem’s office by November 20, 2017.

* Contact Information:

* University:

* Year in School:

* Anticipated Graduation Date:

* Major:

* Minor:

* Current GPA:

* Your address at school:

* Have you already made arrangements with a Legislator to intern with them?

* Name of Legislator:

* Partisan Association:

* Chamber Preference:

* What classes have you completed in which you have learned skills valuable to this internship?

* What are your professional/educational goals for after graduation? How will this internship prepare you to accomplish these goals?

* Extracurricular Activities:

* Please check all legislative issues that interest you.

* Which of these issues interests you the most? Please explain why:

* Have you ever worked in a political campaign, been involved in any other governmental or political activity or worked in an office environment? If yes, please explain.

* What are your expectations for this internship?

* Have you ever been fired from a job or left a job under any unfavorable circumstances? If yes, please explain.

* Have you ever been found in violation of your school’s education or student life policies? If so, describe the situation, punishment, and any additional details of the event.

* Have you ever been arrested for, charged with or cited for an offense? (Exclude traffic violations less than $150 unless they involved drugs or alcohol) If yes, please explain.

* Work Availability: Please list the days (Monday - Friday) and times (8 AM - 5 PM) you will be available for this

A resume, writing sample and a letter of recommendation from your college or university
advisor must be included with this application.  Email the documents to
Office of the Speaker Pro Tem
Kansas House of Representatives
State Capitol Building, Room 381-W
Topeka, KS 66612
Phone: 785.296.3656