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* 1. When was your last visit to Yreka Mailbox?

* 2. Were you satisfied with the service we provided?

* 3. What was the purpose of your visit?

* 4. Who at the counter provided the service?

* 5. How can we improve our service to you?

* 6. How can we improve our Website (www.yrekamailbox.com)?

* 7. What additional products and/or services would you like Yreka Mailbox to offer?

* 8. Do you have any other comments for us?

* 9. We are collecting testamonials for use in our advertising and on our website. Would you be so kind to provide us with one? Please include your name, if you would like us to publish your comment.

* 10. Thanks for completing our survey!
Please leave your name, address, and email if you would like us to send you a coupon. (Coupon can be used on any product or service except stamps.)