Parent/Community Survey

* 1. I have a child in the following school(s) in the Chester County School District.

  Please check all that apply.
Chester Park School of the Arts
Chester Park School of Technology
Chester Park School of Inquiry
Chester Middle School
Chester High School
Great Falls Elementary School
Great Falls Middle/High School
Lewisville Elementary School
Lewisville Middle School
Lewisville High School
Chester County Career Center
Chester County Adult Ed
The Learning Center (alternative school)
The Academy for Teaching & Learning (charter school)

* 2. Being able to read at an early age in today's world is...

* 3. Having additional teachers and teaching assistants to reduce class size is...

* 4. Small group tutoring (intervention) with a certified teacher during the school day is...

* 5. Providing full day pre-k classes at the elementary schools is...

* 6. Providing student incentives such as awards, ribbons, certificates, etc. is...

* 7. Providing tutoring after school or during the summer is...

* 8. The following parent workshops would be beneficial to me. (Please check all that apply!)

* 9. Based on my work schedule and responsibilities, I am most likely to attend activities for my child...(Please check all that apply.)

* 10. My overall level of satisfaction with teacher-parent communication about my child's reading/writing progress is...

* 11. Which of the following would help you learn more about literacy in your child's school, including the new Read to Succeed legislation?

  Parent-friendly Read to Succeed FAQ sheet Social Media posts (Facebook, Peachjar, CCSD app, Twitter, school website, etc.) Information provided during parent conferences Newspaper article (Chester News & Reporter, The Herald) Literacy websites
Please check all that apply.

* 12. I would like to serve on either my child's school level Title I Planning Team, School Improvement Council, or the district level Title I Planning Team. Please list your name and telephone number below.

* 13. Please take a moment to review the District Parent Involvement Plan, located under IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS on the front page of our district website, and provide feedback below. Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to complete this parent/community survey. Your input is valued!