* 1. I noticed that you had the opportunity to join my CEO University program, but decided not to join at this time. Would you say you were at least considering joining the program or were you not interested at all?

* 2. In your own words, why didn't you join CEO U? Please be as specific as possible.

* 3. Which of the following factors played a role in your decision? (Pick one or more)

* 4. If you were interested, but didn't join, what will you do to grow your business and work on your personal development in 2017 instead? Why?

* 5. When it comes to your mindset, the BIGGEST thing holding you back is: 

* 6. If I could create ANY course for you (on ANY topic!), what would it be? Feel free to get creative with this, but please be specific. Tell me exactly what you'd want, and why.

* 7. Your details