Welcome to our survey on bin collections in Liverpool.

You may have read that the Council is thinking of changing the way it collects our bins. It wants to move to picking up the purple bins just once every two weeks.

The Liverpool Liberal Democrats think that changes shouldn't be made to people's services without consultation. By that we mean proper consultation. We expect the Council will say it is doing this, but we want to be absolutely sure.

So we are carrying out our own survey with more than 40,000 questionnaires going out City wide and by e mails going to citizens across Liverpool asking for their views.

We will use our findings to argue your case within the Council.

Do please help us by filling out this survey. And if you have points to make which you feel can't be covered by this, please feel free to e mail richard.kemp@liverlibdems.org.uk or richard.kemp@liverpool.gov.uk

* 1. Please tell us your postcode by typing the first four letters or numbers (for example L19 2) in the box below (this helps us make sure we can combine replies from different neighbourhoods properly)

* 2. What type of property do you live in?
Please tick one of the following

* 3. How many people live in your household (please include adults and children)

* 4. How many bins does your household have (purple, blue and green)

  None One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight

* 5. When your bin is collected, how full would you say it usually is?

  One quarter full or less One half full Three quarters full Completely full Overflowing

* 6. On the days your bin is meant to be collected, are the collections reliable? Please think about normal weeks not those around bank holidays.

* 7. If the purple bins were collected every other week instead of every week, what would you concerns about this be and what is your main concern.

  Concerns Main concern
Overflowing bins
Dirty entries
food waste rotting
increased vermin or insects
Smells, particularly in the summer
None of these, it would not bother me