Please read this consent document carefully before you decide to participate in this study.

Purpose of the research study:

The study is designed to investigate the use of Education Library instructional services and to assess the need for and delivery of additional library instruction for the College of Education.

What you will be asked to do in the study:

You will be asked to complete a brief online survey and provide responses as accurate as possible based on your experience with library research.

Time required:

Completion of the survey should take roughly 5-7 minutes.

Risks and Benefits:

No risk is anticipated for the participant with completing the survey. The participant will not directly benefit from participation.


There is no direct compensation for participating in this research.


Your identity will be kept confidential to the extent provided by law. The software used in the design and development of the survey provides for anonymous response with no identification of the respondents. Your identity will be kept confidential to the extent provided by law. Your information will be assigned a code number. When the study is completed and the captured data is analyzed, the coded data will be destroyed. You will not need to state your name in any part of the testing. Your name will not be used in any reporting of the usability testing.

Voluntary participation:

Your participation in this study is completely voluntary.

Right to withdraw from the study:

You have the right to withdraw from the study at anytime without consequence. You may skip questions or stop participating at any time.

Whom to contact if you have questions about the study:

Marilyn N. Ochoa, Assistant Head, Education Library, Departmental Libraries, George A. Smathers Libraries, UF, 1512 Norman Hall, PO Box 117016, Gainesville, FL 32611-7016 / 352.273.2627

* Agreement:

Exempted protocol (#2009-U-0559)
By the University Of Florida IRB 02