Please help the RTVS team build a great IDE for you!

* 1. I'm best described as:

* 2. I am

* 3. How would you rate your knowledge of R?

* 4. Which IDE(s) do you currently use?

* 5. 1) What is your primary R IDE today and 2)  What are your top 3 pain points with it?

* 6. If you had a magic wand, what capabilities would you want to see your ideal R IDE for each of these areas?

* 7. Which OS(es) do you use?

  MacOS Windows Linux
Primary Desktop OS
Primary Server OS

* 8. Is the ability to use multiple projects (R, Python, C++, C#, database, etc.) in the same IDE important to you?

* 9. Which R interpreter(s) do you generally use?

* 10. How often do you use R and Python together?

* 11. Please rate your interest in an integrated R + Python IDE (based on PTVS, and RTVS):

* 12. How often do you use these features?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often On a regular basis
Publish to RPubs

* 13. How do you use R Studio Server ?

* 14. What size data do you generally work with?

  10s of MB's 100s of MB's Gigs Terabyte+
In the IDE
Outside of the IDE

* 15. Would you be interested in a cross-platform R IDE based on Visual Studio Code? (see VSCode)?

* 16. What other Microsoft technologies do you currently use or would like to see integrated with RTVS?

  Currently use Would like tighter integration (eg SQL/R query edit)
SQL Server
SQL Azure
Document DB
HD Insight / Hadoop

* 17. Please describe your current technology stack:

* 18. How often do you Operationalize/deploy your models for usage?

* 19. Please provide any other feedback for the team!