The school district and campus value your input and at this time wishes to request your support in a funding opportunity entitled: The Race to the Top – District competition.

The key to this financial opportunity is to help support teachers with what tools they may need to personalize education for all students in our school. The Race to the Top – District competition is aimed squarely at supporting classrooms and the all-important relationship between you a valued educator and your students. We realize you hold the key to every child’s success and are a highly valued member of our campus and district.

If the school is awarded this financial support, we intend to build on the lessons learned from and the successful schools that have provided teachers the information, tools, and supports that enable them to meet the needs of each student and substantially accelerate and deepen each student’s learning.

The ultimate goal is to create and develop the policies, systems, infrastructure, capacity, and culture needed to support and empower teachers, teacher teams, and school leaders to continuously focus on improving individual student achievement and closing achievement gaps. A priority will be aimed at preparing each student to master the content and skills required for college- and career-readiness, provide each student the opportunity to pursue a rigorous course of study, and accelerate and deepen students’ learning through attention to their individual needs.

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I feel the district supports meaningful stakeholder engagement in the development of new proposals?
I feel that I would support my campus and district involvement in funding opportunity - Race to the Top – District federal grant competition?
My district and campus are highly supportive of bold, locally directed improvements in learning and teaching that will directly improve student achievement and educator effectiveness?
I feel students, families, teachers, and principals in my school will support and engage in the development of the proposal.
I believe that as appropriate, the campus and district will revise and edit elements of the grant application and proposal based on the engagement and feedback of stakeholders including students, families, teachers, and principals in my school?
I feel I will support my school in submitting a proposal for a potential funding opportunity - Race to the Top – District competition.

* Please note any of your own or others additional comments of support i.e.: parents and parent organizations, student organizations, early learning programs, the business community, civil rights organizations, advocacy groups, local civic and community-based organizations, and institutions of higher education in supporting educators to have the resources they need to create a quality personalized education for all students. Comments: