I INVITE YOU to take 4 minutes to complete this very short (only 9 question) survey. Your opinions will help direct me in designing and adding programs that you tell me are important to you and others like yourself in this coming year! 
In gratitude for your kindness to help support this unique spiritual teaching. 
Ronda LaRue, M.S.
Founder Center for SoulArts & SoulArts Living Meditation Practice   www.rondalarue.com  www.CenterForSoulArts.com

* 1. When searching for a personal retreat experience, which of these 3 factors is your own personal primary focus, secondary focus, and tertiary focus of importance (rank order):

  Primary Criterion Secondary Criterion Third Ranking
ATTRACTIONS: Searching for a retreat in a desirable climate or place I want to sight see/visit
PROGRAM/PERSON:  Searching for a person or program I feel deeply called to work with and experience
DISTANCE:  Searching for a retreat regionally close to home (1-5 hour drive distance)

* 2. Which of these SoulArts programs have you experienced with Ronda in the past? (Please check all that apply)

* 3. Do you plan to register for a SoulArts Personal Retreat with Ronda LaRue sometime within the next 12 months?

* 4. How likely would you be to consider a SoulArts Retreat with Ronda LaRue  ... if offered (respond to each listed option below)...

  YES  Neutral/OK Not as Likely NO
if offered  ...in the NORTHEAST  (such as a private retreat home in Vermont or NH)?
if offered ...at a Public Retreat Center  (like Omega, Esalen etc.)
if offered ...at a Hotel or Vacation rental/Villa
of offered ...Online (virtual programs)
if offered ...Someplace other than California

* 5. What TOPIC area of help, idea, or "burning QUESTION" would you like to ask Ronda to respond to in a next article, e-book, video, or guided meditation?  (What are you most seeking/needing struggling to live more fully?)

* 6. Which of these potential SoulArts programs with Ronda are of most value/interest to you at this time? (Please check all that apply):

* 7. What, in your opinion, makes the SoulArts teaching unique? What is your impression, or how would you describe Ronda?

* 8. "YES VOTE" FOR ANY OF THESE IF ADDED?  -  Finally, please glance at these 6 possible WINTER/SPRING programs/dates and let me know if there's one or more you would likely plan to attend if I were to add them to the calendar! Thanks you :)

  Yes, Interested/Likely No, Thanks N/A (not applicable)
DECEMBER 7-10 ~ Women's 3-Night Art of Breakthrough In-Residence Retreat (Women only)
DECEMBER 29-31 ~ Weekend New Year Clarity Workshop (Individual and Couples)
JANUARY 18-21 ~ Women's 3-Night Art of Breakthrough & New Year Cleanse Retreat (Women only)
FEBRUARY 9-11  ~ Weekend Valentine Workshop (Individual and Couples)
MARCH 15-18 ~ Women's 3-Night Art of Breakthrough In-Residence Retreat (Women only)
MAY 24-27 Memorial Day ~ Women's 3-Night Art of Breakthrough In-Residence Retreat (Women only)

* 9. LASTLY: please indicate what state/country you're from to help interpret responses, as well as providing a first name and email to allow me to share results and/or reply to any specific comments. Thanks!

May your life be your art and your heart lead that way...

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