Thanks for taking the time to fill in my survey!!!

As an MSc Student in Responsible Tourism Management, I would like to find out how to manage the impacts of surfing tourism on destinations. For this research, the opinions of surfers are especially important and therefore I need your help!

The survey will take no more than 10 minutes and it's aim is to find out more about the social, environmental and economic impact of surfing holidays in the UK. Of course, all of your answers are anonymous; you are allowed to stop the questionnaire at any point or refuse to answer any questions. If you have questions or additional comments, please feel free to contact me: Christin Radtke (

Definition of a Surfing Holiday:
Any trip that you took to surf, travelling more than 40miles and staying at least 1 night

* 1. Which County/Country are you from?

* 2. How long have you been surfing for?

* 3. Approximately how many days do you surf per year?

* 4. Where in the UK was your last surfing holiday?

* 5. How often have you been on a surfing holiday in the UK?

* 6. Who do you normally travel with on a surfing holiday in the UK?

* 7. How important was surfing when deciding your holiday plans?

* 8. Where do you normally stay when on a surfing holiday?

* 9. What/where do you normally eat when on a surfing holiday?

* 10. What is your approximate average daily spending when on a surfing holiday?

* 11. Please finish the following Sentences!

* 12. Please indicate your opinion on the following statements:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree Don't know
Before surfing I read the code of conduct for the beach.
If I don’t agree with it, I will not follow the code of conduct.
I am insured against damage to myself and others.
As a surfer, I have more respect for the environment and I actively try to protect it.
Surfing has no negative impacts on the environment.
I always take my litter home.
The local government should be responsible for keeping the beach clean.
Production and disposal of boards and wetsuits have a high negative impact on the environment.
Everyone should be able to use the beach at the same time.
I have experienced some form of localism/surfing rage in the UK.
When on a surfing trip, I am not normally in contact with the local community.
Before my surfing holiday, I inform myself about the local community and any appropriate behaviour.
The local community seems positive towards surfers.
Surfing enables me to connect to different people, more than I would normally.
I would like to be more involved in the local community.