The NSI has received feedback from organizations interested in applying for funding and from existing NSI grantees that they would welcome access to a list of consultants that are experienced in supporting the planning and implementation of an executive transition. This is an effort to continue to build such a consultant list. 

Your response to this RFQ is assessed based on the following criteria:
- Complete answers to all questions
- Significant work experience in the nonprofit sector or as a consultant to nonprofits; and
- Demonstrated experience with executive transitions

Individuals or firms meeting the above qualifications are placed on the NSI Consultant List. There is no deadline for responding to the RFQ and the NSI Consultant List will be updated on an ongoing basis as qualified consultants are approved. 

The NSI is committed to supporting and increasing the cultural competence and diversity of consultants providing executive transition services to Los Angeles area nonprofits. As a result, we encourage consultants and firms with a diverse leadership and staff (people of color, women, LGBTQ, and those with disabilities) to respond to this RFQ.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Carrie Harlow at Thank you in advance for your time, participation and valuable feedback!

The Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative