Call for nominations for the NASDTEC Distinguished Leadership Award

The NASDTEC Executive Board is pleased to call for nominations for the NASDTEC Distinguished Leadership Award. The winner of the award will be announced in June at the 90th Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN.


The NASDTEC Distinguished Leadership Award will honor an individual or an organization whose work has made a significant difference in PreK-12 public education.


The collective work of the nominee:  

1.     Aligns with NASDTEC’s mission, which is to provide leadership and support to those responsible for the preparation, certification/licensure, ethical and professional practice, and continuing professional development of educators; and,

2.     Demonstrates, or has the potential to demonstrate, positive significance for PreK-12 public education that is both impactful and innovative.

NOTE: Nominations may only be submitted by a person who is currently an active member of NASDTEC (either jurisdiction and associate memberships); however, the nominee does not need to be a member of NASDTEC.

Application Process

1.    Submit nomination through the electronic form found here.

2.    Provide contact information for both the person making the nomination and the nominee;

3.    Describe nominee’s contribution and merits.

4.    Additional letters of support should be submitted to 

Timeline: Nominations for the first award are due by March 15th. 

* 1. Contact information of person making the nomination (must be an active member of NASDTEC)

* 2. Contact information of the nominee (nominee does not have to be an active member of NASDTEC)

* 3. Please describe the nominee’s contribution and indicate why the nominee deserves the award, how the nominee meets the criteria for the award, and the real or potential national significance of the contribution or work in question – i.e. what difference did it or can it make? Please provide any additional information that would be helpful to the award committee.