* 1. What attracted you to this magazine? (Please check all that apply)

* 2. Please indicate your level of interest in reading the following types of articles in future issues of Life:Beautiful. (Please choose one response for each item.)

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Articles about faith
Easy home decorating
Interior design
Home organization
Entertainment ideas
Tabletop and centerpieces
Home décor sewing
Flower arranging
Family gatherings

* 3. Life:Beautiful is currently published four times a year. How likely are you to subscribe?

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* 5. Where do you get most of your information for living a Christ-centered life? (Please check all that apply.)

* 6. For any of the following titles, do you a) subscribe to or read regularly (every issue published), or b) read occasionally (most issues published). (Please check all that apply under each column.)

  A B
Martha Stewart
Good Housekeeping
Southern Living
SpiritLed Woman
Today's Christian Woman
Christianity Today
Family Circle
Ladies Home Journal
O, The Oprah Magazine

* 7. Which of these do you own and use at least ocassionally for reading books or articles?

* 8. If Life:Beautiful was offered as a digital publication, would you:

* 9. At the Life:Beautiful website, would you be interested or not in these features:

  Interested Not interested
Faith-building features
Household advice
Interior design
Motherhood section
Pinning images
Bible study

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