The biblical qualifications of a deacon are found in Acts 6 and 1 Timothy 3:8-13.

They are divided into 3 categories: Spiritual (full of the Holy Spirit, full of wisdom, full of faith), Moral (worthy of respect, sincere, not indulging in much wine, not pursuing dishonest gain, the husband of one wife, manages household well), and qualifications of a Deacon's wife (worthy of respect, not a malicious talker, temperate, trustworthy in everything).

The role of a deacon at LBC is to serve with the Elders and Pastoral staff in supporting the ministry of the Word, promoting unity within the body, and meeting the physical needs of our church members.

The following men are presenting serving as deacons at LBC. Their terms have not expired. They are not eligible for nomination at this time: Harry Allen, Dustin Berry, Bryan Brizendine, Don Campbell, Scott Combs, Jarred Cook, Kevin Edman, Tim Grogan, Kevin Hawkins, Ray Heilman, Craig Henry, Steve Homola, Edward Kintu, Kenny Madden, Pat May, Tom Nettles, Ed Parker, Chris Smith, Anthony Thomas, Chad Welsh, and Mike Wood.

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