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This questionnaire will be used as part of the primary research that I am conducting for my undergraduate research project that aims to determine whether digital media platforms are having a positive or negative effect on print fashion publications.

To help answer this research problem, this questionnaire will be used to collect consumer opinions and preferences on numerous traditional and contemporary fashion communication channels. This questionnaire comprises of 10 questions and should take no longer than a couple of minutes to answer

This questionnaire is open to anyone, but is primarily aimed towards those with an interest in fashion

By continuing with the survey, if you choose to submit your answers, you therefore give your consent for your answers to be used for collection and analysis as part of my research project. Any answers you give will not be shared outside of this research project and no confidential information will be collected. Participation in this questionnaire is voluntary and you are free to leave at any point during the questionnaire prior to submission.

Thank you in advance for taking part - if you experience any problems, please email Amie at 10324247@stu.mmu.ac.uk
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