Low Impact Development Atlas entry form

This page is designed to gather information to augment the National Low Impact Development (LID) Atlas(http://nemonet.uconn.edu/hub/initiatives.htm) with projects from Minnesota and Wisconsin. Any projects using innovative stormwater practices designed to reduce runoff are welcome!
After entering your data, expect a delay of several days before the information appears online. For more information about this project, contact Jesse Schomberg, Minnesota Sea Grant, at jschombe@umn.edu

* 1. Name of Location/Business where the practice is located (examples: Johnson Residence, Big Top Bakery, South Side Office Park, etc.)

* 2. Stormwater practice location. We will use this to find it on the map; if an address is unavailable, please enter the Lat and Long:

* 3. When was this practice constructed?

* 4. Contact information (note: this information will not be posted online, however we may use it to obtain additional details, or share it with individuals who are looking for more specific information about this project.)

* 5. Please select one or more of the options below for the type of practice(s) installed:

* 7. Please enter a brief description of this practice, and anything that makes it unique or especially interesting:

* 8. Please enter the website address of photos of this practice; at least one is required. If you cannot make a photo available online, contact Jesse at jschombe@umn.edu

* 9. Optional Details:

* 10. Function, Cost-Effectivenes, and Satisfaction
Please rank the stormwater practice(s) described above for the follow criteria, as best you are able. Please add any comments to further explain your responses, if needed.

  Poor/Very Dissatisfied Fair/Somewhat Dissatisfied Good/Somewhat Satisfied Excellent/Very Satisfied
How is the practice working?
How would you rate the cost effectiveness of this practice?
How satisfied are you with the practice overall?

* 11. By entering my name and E mail address below, I hereby certify that the photos linked above are not copyrighted or otherwise protected, and are freely available for the University of Minnesota to use for not-for-profit educational purposes, and that all the information that I have entered is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge.