1. Informed Consent

The following survey is being conducted by an MSW student completing a thesis project at a small university in the Pacific Northwest. Participation in this study is voluntary and anonymous. No compensation is being offered, however participation is muchly appreciated and will help further research in this area.

This project's goal is to discover how the individual gay, lesbian, bisexual, or questioning person uses blogging in their daily life and the impact of this activity not only on themselves, but the GLBQ community as a whole. Blogging, for the purposes of this survey is defined as easily updateable online journals including content that the author chooses to share with either a defined user group, or the public at large. Sexual orientation for the purposes of this survey is self defined.

By completing this survey, you agree that it is okay to use your data in the presentation of this thesis project. Once again, no identifying information will be requested. Thank you!