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RSS Planning Document - Renewal/Recognition of CME Series for 2021-2022 cycle
Office of Continuing Medical Education

The purpose of this planning document is to provide a fast, easy method by which you can design and document your Regularly Scheduling Series (RSS)  to meet the identified improvement needs of your learners in terms of their medical knowledge, competency, and performance. Full instructions and guidance for this process may be downloaded here.

If RENEWING an existing series, before you begin, please gather the following materials:
1) Log into your NYUMC One-Drive account and create a Folder for your series. Create one folder, no subfolders;
2) Collate all your Session flyers for the past recognition period into a single folder on ONE-DRIVE;
3) Use the "Share" function in OneDrive to create a folder sharing link; AND
4) Copy the folder sharing link
. You will paste this link below.

We will check your series dates to be sure the compliance checklist is completed at the session level and that all documentation is present in your ONE-DRIVE renewal folder. You may be required to provide missing documentation before your series can be issued a renewal decision to take effect with any session occurring January 1, 2021 or later. CME recognition of current RSS series will expire on December 31, 2020, unless your most recent Recognition Letter reflects otherwise.

You must complete this Renewal/Recognition survey document online. Paper submissions are not accepted.

[New Series Recognitions are are accepted on an ongoing basis.]

If you need assistance or advice in completing this form, please contact Peter Sandre, Manager of CME Events and Compliance at 516-663-8459 or .

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* 4. Size & Scope of your series

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* 5. How Many Hours of CME/CE credit are desired per session date? (credit hours are equivalent to time spent. 1.0 clock hour= 1.0 credit hour)