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1. Part 1: About you

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* 1. Contact Information

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* 4. If you answered Yes to Q3, in what capacity

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* 6. If you answered Yes to Q5, in what capacity

Note: This survey consists of 10 Parts:
1. About you
2. Feedback on the introduction
3. Feedback on the scope and applicability
4. Feedback on the four steps of the step-wise approach
5. Feedback on the requirement for every step
6. Feedback on access to CSPO market
7. Feedback on premium distribution
8. Feedback on the Governance requirements of the Jurisdictional Entity
9. Feedback on the Application of the P&C to the Jurisdiction Level
10. Thank you

We recommend to look at the Certification System Document and the accompanying document prior to filling-in this survey

You can find an exit button on the top link of every page. If at anytime you decide to exit the survey, your answer will be submitted, but you can continue working on the survey until it is closed.
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