Find out exactly where you stand against others in our industry.

This could be the most important survey you take this year. As you’ll see, the information we’re asking you to share isn’t something you typically share. Here’s the thing: to make this survey as valuable as it can be, we need your help. Rest assured, your company’s data will not be shared with anyone outside of the RSPA’s admin team. Only cumulative results will be shared.

Because we so value your contribution, you will receive a copy of the full survey results if you complete the survey in its entirety. Only survey takers will receive this full report. Improve your company today by finding out how you compare against the industry as an average and against the averages of the top group of profitable companies in the industry. RSPA will also present a detailed analysis of the results, presented by business consultant Brett Harward, during RetailNOW on Sunday, July 29th at 3pm.

Additionally, survey takers will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win $500.

While you might find the below questions overwhelming at a glance, most of this information can probably be found in your accounting software. If you don’t understand what we’re looking for with some of these questions, click below to download a PDF explanation guide. - KPI Explanation(1).pdf