We know that as any parent, same sex parents and caregivers struggle to be the best parents for their children. But unlike straight parents, they have additional challenges. The ACT Raising Safe Kids Program coordination in the Pittsburgh area approached the Gay and Lesbian Community Center to see if this is a program they would like to sponsor.

The ACT Program was developed by the American Psychological Association (APA) Violence Prevention Office to focus on the early years and on the important role of parents and caregivers of children from birth to 8 years old in shaping their early environment and experiences. The goal is to educate groups of parents and caregivers to be effective positive parents and create safe and healthy environments that protect children and youth from violence and its long term consequences. Pittsburgh is one of the almost 100 communities in 20 states that offer the ACT Program to parents and caregivers in the US.

Because the ACT Program is a universal program – for all parents regardless of their backgrounds and child abuse incidence – and one of a few evidence-informed culturally sensitive violence prevention initiatives focusing on parenting skills and practice in the early years, we are confident that with some adaptations ACT will be an excellent resource for GLB parents.

Therefore, in order for us to know better this segment of the population and gather some important information to guide the program adaptation, we are asking you to participate in a survey. Your contribution will help us make the ACT Program effective for GLB parents. This survey is confidential and data will be only used for the program purposes. The contact information you will be providing is just to make it possible for us to contact you when we establish the program in Pittsburgh. But if you have any questions please contact me at jsilva@apa.org

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Thank you!

Julia da Silva
Director, Violence Prevention Office
American Psychological Association

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