Notice: this questionnaire is only directed to those that have purchased a Mac computer of any type since the year 1998 until now OR are going to purchase a Mac computer in the nearest months.

If you ONLY have one of Apple’s peripherals such as AppleTV, iPod, iPhone etc, you CANNOT participate in this survey.

In addition, you HAVE to reside in the United States of America, at least part time, in order to be eligible for answering this survey.

If at least ONE of the stated criteria is NOT true to you, please do NOT participate.

If none of the options presented fit your desired answer, choose N/A in the required field. However, do try to pick an alternative that appears to be the closest to what is true to your situation.

Try answering to every question according to the timeline criteria: everything you describe MUST have occurred during the 1998-2008 period.

Any information obtained in this questionnaire will only be used for research. Your personal information is not gathered and remains confidential.

* 1. Which of the following aspects of your chosen computer affected your decision to eventually purchase it? In other words, what did you find superior to a non-Mac computer option?

If none did, choose N/A. The definition of design here incorporates usability, functionality, looks, ease of use, etc.

* 2. Would you have purchased a non-Mac computer if the price of another corresponding setup would have been…?

If no price difference would have mattered to you, choose N/A. The definition of “corresponding setup” here includes it being equally good in terms of hardware specifications.

* 3. Do you consider yourself being loyal to the Apple brand? Do you prefer their products to other company’s offerings?

If so, please choose how you have become brand-loyal. Put these alternatives in an order that reflects the way you prioritize them. Most important first, least important last.

If you do not consider yourself to be loyal to the Apple brand, choose N/A.

  Most Important Very Important Important Less Important Least Important N/A
- Because of the company’s Apple Store retail chain
- Because of their marketing (includes actual ads in any media)
- Because of what I think of their products (only if you own the aforementioned)
- Because of the buzz around their products (created in the media, things you hear from people)
- Because of how I perceive their ecosystem (the way their products work together)

* 4. Have you gone from owning an Apple-branded computer to owning some of Apple-made peripherals or have you first purchased some of their peripherals and proceeded to buying their computers?

Apple-made peripherals include any type of Apple’s non-computer items such as AppleTV, iPod, iPhone, etc. If you only have a Mac computer but no peripherals (not even planned), choose N/A. If you only have some of the peripherals but no Mac computer, you shouldn’t be doing this survey.

* 5. Did the presence of Mac computers at your school or university affect your choice of finally buying one?

Choose N/A if you have never seen a Mac computer at your education site(s).

* 6. Did the presence of Mac computers at a hotel or cruise ship you’ve been to affect your choice of finally buying one?

Choose N/A if you have never seen a Mac computer at such tourist/hospitality locations.

* 7. If you are/were a student or a teacher you might have noticed Apple offered rebates to education customers such as yourself. If you have ever benefited from such a rebate, explain how it has affected your decision of purchasing a Mac instead of a non-Apple brand computer.

Choose N/A if you did not know of the rebate system or weren’t planning to purchase a computer anyway.

* 8. What is your age?

* 9. What is your sex?

100% of survey complete.