In todays "wired world" more and more people are using email, text messages and accessing the web. We'd like your feedback on how to keep you informed of what's happening at the Oratory Tennis Club. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Regards, Simon Booker

* 1. Which communication tools do you regularly use ?

  Never Weekly Daily
Home Phone
Mobile Phone
SMS Text Messaging
Home Email
Work Email
Postal Mail

* 2. Do you use websites and the internet regularly to browse for information ?

* 3. We setup a Blog ( a discussion website to post news and comments) at If you have seen this site please rate how you found it ?

* 4. Would you like to have access an ON-LINE diary of events via the internet ?

* 5. Would you like to have access ON-LINE "View Only" schedule of court bookings via the internet ?

* 6. Please select and rate your interest in information topics that could be brought to you ?

  No Interest Interest Only Very Interested
Club Diary
Court Bookings
Kit & Equipment
Visiting and Playing Other Courts
National League Fixtures
Social Events
Teaching Tips & Techniques
Discussion groups
Club Tournaments
Outside Tournaments
International Events & Pro Tournaments
Health and Fitness

* 7. If we used an email address that is NOT read REGULARLY, please tell us an alternative below ... ?

* 8. Please let us know any other comments you may have regarding keeping you informed ?