* 1. Where is your business located?

* 2. What type of business do you own or work in?

* 3. Are you a resident impacted by light rail construction?

* 4. If you are a resident impacted by light rail where do you live?

* 5. How long have you lived at your current location?

* 6. If you are a business - How long have you been operating your business at your current location?

* 7. How many people do you employ?

* 8. If you have experienced a decline in revenue in your business how much has revenue declined?

* 9. Have you decreased staff numbers as a result of the financial impact on your business caused by light rail construction?

* 10. When did you first notice an impact on your business?

* 11. What aspects of your business have been disrupted?

* 12. What have you done to help your business cope with the economic impacts of construction?

* 13. How would you describe your interactions with Transport for NSW?

* 14. Are you aware of measures that Transport for NSW has taken to lessen the impact on your business or home?

* 15. If yes, what are they?

* 16. Do you believe that measures taken by Transport for NSW  to lessen the impact on your business or place of residence have been effective?

* 17. Has anybody from Transport for NSW, Office of the Small Business Commissioner or their representatives visited you at your home or your business to determine whether you are being impacted by light rail construction?

* 18. Please rate the impact, where relevant, of light rail construction on your business or home?

  Least impact Most impact
Lack of foot traffic
Power cut off
Water cut off
Hoardings blocking your business
Damage to property
Loss of parking
An increase in rats
Personal safety
Safety of your home or business

* 19. Have you, your family or employees experienced any physical or mental health challenges as a result of light rail construction's impact on your business or home?

* 20. Do you believe that your business will still be operational at the completion of light rail in 2019?

* 21. Do you believe that you will still be living at the same residence at the completion of light rail in 2019?

* 22. What do you see as the most effective method for assisting your business to continue to trade up until the end of the light rail project?

* 23. If you would like to receive a copy of the findings of this survey please leave your email address below