Welcome to the Digital Resource Request process!  

First, please check the Renton Reviewed Resources List to see if the tool has been reviewed or if it is in the process of being reviewed. 

If the tool is “allowed” or “supported,” you may use the tool.  If the tool needs to be installed on a device (e.g. iPad), please submit a helpdesk ticket.

If the tool is “under review,” please check the site again for the approval status. 

If you do not see the tool listed, please complete the rest of this form by clicking “next” below to begin our legal, technical and instructional reviews if you have the support of your supervisor.

FYI, Chromebook extensions for teacher devices do not need to go through this Digital Request Process; however, chrome extensions for student devices do need to go through the process.

Please keep in mind that we conduct legal, technical and instructional reviews to protect the privacy of students and staff and to support our technical and instructional systems.  As a result, these reviews may take some time. We appreciate your patience.