Six years ago IHC received huge support from families and organisations in the disability, education and children’s sectors, when we asked for the evidence we needed to support our discrimination claim to the Human Rights Commission.

IHC’s amended complaint has now been filed with the Human Rights Review Tribunal, and we need help again. We need recent examples of difficulties at school faced by disabled children and young people. If you have examples and you are willing for your family's experience to be used as evidence by IHC please either complete the questionaire or if you would prefer to speak to someone contact Trish Grant Director of Advocacy directly on 04 4952773 or by email:

If you need immediate help to resolve a school problem please indicate at Q.20.

Please support IHC by circulating this request.

Our complaint identifies the following issues as examples of the difficulties experienced. Please tick those you have experienced and give details in the appropriate boxes provided below.

* 1. Tick as many issues that apply, then provide details in the appropriate boxes below.

* 2. Issue: Children with disabilities discouraged or denied enrolment at their local school

* 3. Issue: Exclusion ( being sent home) from school for part of the school day because teacher aide hours do not cover the full day

* 4. Issue: Excluded from particpation in usual classroom activities

* 5. Issue: Disabled children being excluded from activities such as sport, music, camp and school trips.

* 6. Issue: Disabled children being stood down, suspended or excluded from school despite their behaviours being related to their disability.

* 7. Issue: Sign language not being available for deaf students, or those with communication difficulties.

* 8. Issue: Children with disabilities unable to particpate in all school activities unless families provide unpaid support or pay for teacher aide hours

* 9. Issue: Difficulties in getting specialist support e.g. speech language therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and behavioural support or families paying privately for these services

* 10. Issue: Difficulties with ORS (Ongoing Resourcing Scheme)

* 11. Issue: Classroom teachers without the confidence, skills or knowledge needed to teach a disabled child.

* 12. Issue: The learning and achievements of children with disabilities not monitored or reported in the same way as other children

* 13. Issue: Inadequate response to complaints raised of abuse, bullying and or harrassment of disabled children

* 14. Issue: Disabled children's potential as learners not recognised and developed

* 15. You may have tried to resolve the issues by raising your concerns with others. Please tell us what happened when you raised the issues with the following:
If you raised the issues with your child's teacher, what was the outcome?

* 16. If you raised the issues with the school's Principal, what was the outcome?

* 17. If you raised the issues with the school's Board of Trustees, what was the outcome?

* 18. If you raised the issues with the Ministry of Education, what was the outcome?

* 19. If you raised the issues with someone else, what was the outcome?

* 20. Is there an issue happening now that you would like support with?

* 21. We need the following details for our records. We will not share your identifying details but we may contact you for clarification about the matters you have raised.
Full Name:

* 22. Address

* 23. Email

* 24. Phone number