Lyceum Fellowship 35th Anniversary Outreach - p1

* 1. Where did your odyssey take you?

* 2. Who was your professor/sponsor during the competition?

* 3. What memories do you have from that unique time in your life?

* 4. How did the competition and travel help to shape the person you are today?

* 5. What is your professional path so far?

* 6. In what ways are you a steward of your community?

* 7. Who are you mentoring?

* 8. In what ways would you say the Lyceum is advancing the profession of architecture?

* 9. Is there one word you would use to encapsulate your Lyceum experience?

* 10. Would you suggest any changes to the Lyceum Fellowship competition to better the student impact or experience?

* 11. In your own words.......

* 12. Help us make sure we have the correct contact information