SIGMAA Annual Reports are due March 15.

* 1. Submission Information

* 2. General SIGMAA Information

* 3. Please describe any activities of your SIGMAA at JMM, MathFest, or MAA section meetings.

* 4. Please describe any activities of your SIGMAA outside of the MAA national or section meetings.

* 5. Meetings of your SIGMAA Executive Committee/Board - Please indicate the process by which your SIGMAA officers met and/or did business, including frequency success of your process.

* 6. SIGMAA Officers: Please list the names and emails

* 7. Electronic SIGMAA Services - Please describe utilization of electronic services, such a e-mailing to the SIGMAA membership, web page development, listserv activity, electronic newsletter, etc. Comment on the success of such activities or problems encountered.

* 8. Other Benefits of SIGMAA Membership Provided - Please describe any services, other than electronic services, provided to your SIGMAA’s membership.  Examples might be hard copy mailings of welcome letters to new members, a mailed newsletter or journal, etc.

* 9. Finances - Please describe your major expenditures over the past year.

* 10. Successful Ideas to Share - Please describe one (or several!) of the most successful activities (events, services, etc.) of your SIGMAA that other SIGMAAs might adopt or emulate.

* 11. Issue Bin - Please list any issues that arose that should be considered by the Department of Programs and Services and/or the Committee on SIGMAAs.