Organizations responding to this questionnaire will have the opportunity to be added to the Rapid Response Vendor List as a Rapid Response (RR) Service Provider.

The questionnaire is not a formal solicitation for proposals, but a means for RR Teams and Local Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Areas to expedite procurement of services if needed for a business closure or layoff event. No contracts, either express or implied, will be awarded as a direct result of this questionnaire. Selection for participation on the RR Vendor List, likewise, is not a guarantee of a contract award.

If a Local WIOA Area decides to use this option for procurement, any resulting contract will be between the Local WIOA Area and selected vendor. The Local WIOA Area will also be responsible for contract management, oversight and payment to the vendor. ODJFS will have no obligation to the Local WIOA Area or the vendor with respect to any contract.

Rapid Response Vendor Guidance can be found at

If you have any questions about this questionnaire or the process for the Rapid Response Vendor List, please e-mail

In order to be considered for the Rapid Response Vendor List as a service provider, please complete the following questionnaire. All questions require a response in order to proceed to the next question.