* 1. What is your average budget to spend per outfit?

* 2. How would you describe your style or what aesthetic are you going for? (may pick more than one)

* 3. What color scheme is your wedding, if you have one, or what colors do you want to include besides white?

* 4. How much white do you want to coordinate into each outfit?

* 5. What types of silhouettes do you like?

* 6. Is there anything you don't want to show? ie. arms

* 7. What size do you think you are?

* 8. What are the different events you have coming up that you want looks for?
Include the dates of each event + how formal are you looking to dress.
ie. Bridal shower – 5/25 – Cocktail attire

* 10. Enter your full name, e-mail and/or phone number so we can send your quote + get you booked.

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