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The Irish Tax Institute is your Institute

The ITI provides a range of services offering a wealth of expert, timely and relevant tax information to fulfil our member’s professional requirements. We are fortunate to have an exceptional pool of tax experts from which we source our support for the tax profession.

However, we are always looking for members to get involved with all our service areas. There are a range of activities that you can participate in with the Irish Tax Institute.

Please complete this survey and indicate the areas where you might be interested in getting involved.

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* 1. Would you be interested in contributing to the Irish Tax Institute Education Team?

Please click what areas that interest you most.

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* 2. Are you interested in speaking at an Irish Tax Institute conference or seminar

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* 3. Would you be interested in contributing articles to the Irish Tax Review journal?

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* 4. The Irish Tax Institute aims to promote the career of Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) to a number of different audiences. If you are interested in participating in these campaigns, please specify your preferred option.